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Project Quotes:

"Looking for Shop 'n Save price for the following items and qtys. 3 x 19800009 Fluke Butt Set 3 x 30-496 Ideal Crimp Tool 2 x 10051501 Fluke D914 Impact Tool "

Product Quote:

"I am looking for 30 ea. EZDP133CAK units. I need a competitive job price, freight and availability." Product Quote "OR-M2LCQ24-62 (Cassette 24-Fiber LC-MTP 62.5/125) QTY ---10 "


"cost for (10) 195BCDXN 075UL Porta systems " Inquiry "Can you give me your best price on 300 ft of PE89-25P Cable: 25 Pair OSP, CAT3, Direct Burial Outside Plant shipped to 63141?"

Questions on project:

"I have a phoenix connector that comes with a component that I now have to field wire. The connector that comes on the component is similar to Phoenix 1757035. Is there a way to get this instead with a flat cable attached, and maybe an RJ connector on the other end? I want a cable that connects to the card edge, (female 5.08mm pitch) and is flat enough to travel in a 5mm deep groove, then terminate to a connector to allow a quick-connect, such as an RJ11 or RJ12 connector. The cable can be 26-28awg, and needs to be about 12" long. "